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About us

ABS Group, the octogenarian company had its genesis in the year 1936 when it initially started trading in building materials like cement, steel, plumbing, electrical goods etc., alongside agro-goods like ploughs & fertilizers. In the years that followed, ABS also ventured into retail business of hardware products like paints and motors, inward & outward transport divisions.

In the 1950s, ABS Group diversified into land banking and real estate businesses and made its indelible mark in the industry by offering modern, unique yet affordable housing solutions to the people as well as aiding to realise the dream of common people of owning a piece of land. Currently ABS Groups boasts of 3 billion turnover a year that speaks volumes of its capabilities and standing in the industries it has forayed into.

In 2009, ABS opened a new chapter in its book of history by setting its foot in the education sector. What started as an experimental venture in the hometown Thiruvallur, grew leaps and bounds and now ABS Group has established 5 schools of repute in various places of Greater Chennai & Thiruvallur with a humungous strength of 5000+ students, that includes 4 schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The unstinted support of the people to quality education imparted in our institutions is the underlying testimony for this unparalleled growth. In fact, our Global Smart Schools has set the bar high for the standards in education and the knowledge domain and ABS Groups is committed to establish such centers of excellence in future.


With growing concern among the people about the environmental degradation by use of fossil fuels, a significant number of consumers have set to evaluate alternate power train options and electric vehicles are likely to be the potential and powerful alternative for them. Having sensed the importance of the nascent yet growing EV sector, ABS Groups have established a new division ABS Motors in 2022 with an ambitious vision to make travel more eco friendly, cost-efficient, faster & safer, and also to offer high-quality electric mobility solutions as a whole to the common man.

To start with, ABS Motors, would be manufacturing electric cycles to offer the fun of cycling coupled with the auto mobility to the masses. The e-cycle Project “ATVI” aims to provide a unique cycling experience to each and every person in the country that would be safer, fun and affordable. Our primary focus is to produce unisex electric cycles for all our customers (entry level and premium) without compromising on the aesthetics, quality, and functionality. Though slated to cater to the needs of the Indian market primarily, we have an ambitious plans to enter the Global market for which the manufacturing facility is fully equipped and compliant.
ABS Motors has a lofty agenda to expand its product lines to e-bikes, e-scooters, electric 3-wheelers and electric cars and a grandiose plan to offer flying cars in the longer horizon.

The budding manufacturing facility at Red Hills, Chennai has a young, dynamic and innovative team of 30+ and have roped in expert consultants from across the organizations of repute in the country who are engrossed in the development of the electric cycles. The current production capacity of the plant is 100 e-cycles a day that is scalable to 400 e-cycles.

ABS Group is ably steered and guided by Dr. S Subramanian, a visionary entrepreneur and industrialist of par excellence. An Associate Company Secretary by profession, he ventured into business and there was no looking back for him. His immense capabilities earned him two Doctorates and he is the recipient of numerous awards for best performance in the cement industry.

With a view to giving back to community, Dr. Subramanian established schools of repute that imparts education and knowledge to all strata of people without any discrimination. True to his inexorable farsightedness, Dr. Subramanian established ABS Motors sensing the immense opportunities in emerging electric automotive markets globally. His plunge into these futuristic mobility solutions is certain to create deep ripples in the sector.


Our short term vision is to emerge as one of the top-notch company in the country that produces e-cycles for global consumers which are affordable, high on quality, efficient to commute, fast and flexible, easy on knees and are fun to ride.
Our long term vision is to expand globally with a plethora of other e-vehicles and disrupt the global electric automotive industry by offering futuristic electric mobility solutions.


a) Offer the best e-cycles to the global market from India that are highly competitive in terms of quality, affordability, agility, aesthetics, versatility and safety.
b) Encourage and promote e-cycles among people as a healthy and sustainable alternative to existing automotives.
c) Ensure that good manufacturing practices are followed in the facility by adopting established global standards in terms of safety as well as practices and processes including its validation.
d) Adopt innovative technologies in manufacturing processes including design, engineering and materials to deliver futuristic e-cycles that are lighter, user-friendly & high on security.
e) Make a profound impact on the mobility patterns of common people gravitating towards electric mobility thus leaving lesser carbon footprint towards a sustainable environment by rolling out electric automotives of global standards.

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